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Meanwhile, perhaps I can help you in some other way. My Blog has an extensive archive of posts relating to Dog Health, Dog Nutrition, Food & Feeding and Natural Herbs for Dogs.

I have a similar although at the moment, less extensive Blog for cat-related problems.

I also offer a number of Feeding Guides for the likes of:

  • A Commercial Dog Food Supplementation Guide for anyone wishing to supplement their dog’s existing commercial diet
  • Homemade Dog Food Made Easy, an easy-to-follow guide that takes into account the specific dietary requirements of the adult or mature dog
  • A Grain Free Feeding Guide for anyone wishing to feed their dog a grain-free diet
  • And a Complete Guide to Homemade Dog Food, a highly-detailed guide for anyone wishing to feed their dog a healthy homemade diet

I also offer:

  • A Plant-Based Feeding Guide for anyone wishing to feed their dog a plant-based (vegan or vegetarian) diet
  • A Senior Dog Feeding Guide which takes into account the dietary requirements of the older or senior dog
  • And a Weight Loss Diet Plan for anyone whose dog is in need of shedding a few pounds

I also offer a number of Healthy Feeding Guides for dogs suffering from the likes of Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergies, Bladder Stones, Cancer, Pancreatitis, Obesity, Proteinuria, Liver Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease.

Personalised Nutritional Consultations

It’s been suggested that 80% of canine health conditions can be improved or cured by diet alone.

You don't know what you might be able to achieve until you've tried real food!