Gerald Pepin

The Pet Nutritionist

Over a lifetime of feeding fresh food to companion animals, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the nutritional needs of cats and dogs. I’ve also learned that fresh food is not only healthier, it can actually be cheaper.

Commercial pet food companies would have you believe you can’t possibly home feed your cat or your dog. You can feed yourself and your family, but you can’t possibly feed your pet.

Well I’m here to tell you you can. More than that, I can show you how to do it. Healthily, tastily and on a budget!

Not only is fresh food healthier for your cat, healthier for your dog, it can actually save you money into the bargain. And if you’re in the least bit concerned about saving the planet, it can help with that too.

Feeding your pet fresh food will save you money in vet bills, but just as importantly right now, it will save you money on your weekly shopping bill.

So for the sake of the planet, your wallet and especially your pet, learn how to feed your pet fresh food today. Ask a certified pet nutritionist for help!